Preparing for Lent: A 2021 Reflection

Preparation is an integral part of success.  It shows how committed we are to something. We prepare for an exam weeks or days ahead, weddings take more than 1 year of preparation, people study for board exams for months, while athletes train for years before a competition. Can you imagine how life would be ifContinue reading “Preparing for Lent: A 2021 Reflection”

The Eucharistic Celebration in the time of COVID-19

To say that celebrating mass in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed is an understatement. A tradtion that can be so initimate yet universal has had to evolve under these uncertain and trying times. Yet even with these changes, the celebrations remains the same at its core. Last March 16, St. Alphonsus ParishContinue reading “The Eucharistic Celebration in the time of COVID-19”