On Technology and Social Media: Ushering the Feast Day with the Launch of the SAMLP Website

In Monsignor Matt Garcia’s latest message, he highlights the value of the internet and social media while also introducing this website as another means to communicate with the parishoners.

Social Media, during this COVID-19 pandemic, has stood out to be an essential companion for many of us.

As early as 2014, Pope Francis called the internet as “a gift from God” because it facilitates communication and provides a source of learning. Pope Francis also recognized the perils of the digital area but he highlighted its marvels in that by using it, the faithful goes out into the world and interacts with people from different faiths and background. He summed it up best when he said that “We have in our midst a great tool for dialogue.”

As we celebrate the “Year of Interreligious Dialogue, Ecumenism & Indigenous People” in our country, the Holy Father wants us to engage in dialogue not be misconstrued as renouncing our own beliefs and traditions. Nor should we be arrogant to insist that we alone possess the truth. As a gift from God, social media is utilized to bring the inspiring Word of God to our world of neighbors showing them our loving and merciful presence. And this is why we are relaunching our parish website – this being a special gift from our kindhearted silent volunteers.

The Vatican values so much this gift of social media that it has established its very own Social Communications Office headed by Archbishop Claudio Mario Celli. Each diocese and each parish must endeavor to create this great ministry. The Pope encourages those who will take part in this ministry to “be like a balm which relieves pain and a fine wine which gladdens hearts.”

Welcome to another project of our parish’s Social Communications Ministry. May we be able to build bridges among our parishioners, our church and our world of neighbors. Happy St. Alphonsus Liguori Day! 

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Photo by Jojo Gloria

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