Mustard Seed Inspiration for the Parish Foundation Day 02 August 2020

In the final installment of the Mustard Seed Inspirations for the 2020 Parish Fiesta and Foundation Day, Parish Pastoral Council President Tony Narciso took on the St. Alphonsus quote “The past is no longer yours, the future is not yet in your power. You only have the present wherein to do good.” He reflects on his long life and how the COVID-19 pandemic prevented him from being able to serve the church during this time. While there were worries and anxieties on his end, current circumstances allowed him to take a step back and appreciate what he had around him. Learn more about his realizations thanks to St. Alphonsus’ words through the video below.

The video of the masses for the 53rd Parish Foundation Day can be viewed below:

10 AM Mass with Parish Priest Monsignor Matt Garcia

6PM Mass with Guadalupe Minor Seminary Academic Prefect Fr. Rany Geraldino

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