Mustard Seed Inspiration for the Parish Fiesta 01 August 2020

In the tenth installment of the Mustard Seed Inspirations for the 2020 Parish Fiesta and Foundation Day, BEC Coordinator Jenny Icasas highlighted the St. Alphonsus quote “The heart of man, so to speak, is the paradise of God.” She describes her ideal paradise and how a passage from Corinthians inspired her to “return to the fold of our Heavenly Father.” Learn more about her insightful reflection on St. Alphonsus’ words through the video below.

The video of the masses for the Parish Fiesta can be viewed below:

12 PM Mass with Parochial Vicar Fr. Lorenzo Ruggiero

6PM Mass with Caritas Manila Executive Director Fr. Anton CT Pascual

Click here to view the other Mustard Seed Inspirations.

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